1356-1939 Sigmund Freud

Freud, Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis early starters, was born in 1856 in the town of Freiberg, now located in Czechoslovakia, but formerly belonged to the Austrian Empire. When he was four years old, his family moved to Vienna and that's where he spent most of his life. Freud a topnotch student in school, earned his medical degree from the University of Vienna in 1881 Over the next ten years he undertook in-depth investigations in the fields of psychology, psychiatry clinic staff formed, private practice in neurology, worked in Paris with the famous French neurologist Jean Charcot and also with the Viennese doctor Josef Breuer. 

The idea of ​​Freud in the field of psychology developed level by level. Stone 1895 his first book published investigations of hysteria, in collaboration with Breuer. The next book The Interpretation of Dreams, published in 1900 this book is one of his most original and the most important, though slower sales market at first, but catapulted the name of the fragrance. After that jump out of his work to the essential, and in 1908 when Freud gave a series of lectures in the United States, Freud has become the truly famous. In 1902 he organized a group discussion of psychology in Vienna. One of the first member to join was Alfred Adler, and a few years later were also Carl Yung. The two men eventually became champion of psychology through their own efforts. 

Freud mating and lambing six. At the time of end of his life contaminated jaw bone cancer in 1923 and since then he has surgery and more than thirty times in order to restore its condition. Even so, he still found work and some important works to emerge in subsequent years. In 1938 the Nazis occupied Austria and the Sigmund Freud 82-year-old Jewish descent and was forced to go to London and died there a year later. 

Freud's contribution in the field of psychology theory is so wide-reaching power that is not easy to abbreviate it. He emphasized the great importance of the unconscious processes of human behavior. He shows how the process affects the content of the dream-talk and cause misses or false call, forget the names and also causes suffering on homemade and even disease. 

Freud developed the technique of psychoanalysis as a method of healing mental illness, and he formulated a theory about the structure of the human person, and he also developed or popularized psychological theories concerned with anxiety, self-defense mechanism, the particulars circumcision, feeling depressed, sublimation and more. His writings inspire excitement psychology field theory. Many of his ideas are controversial, that provoke intense debate since flung. 

Freud is perhaps best known in terms of proposing the idea that sexual desire is often the cause of significant distress in terms of mental illness or neurosis. (Indeed, Freud was not the first to bring up this subject, although his writings give so much encouragement in the use of the scientific field). He also suggests that sexual desire and sexual appetite began during childhood rather than in adulthood. 

Since many of the ideas of Freud still at odds with each other, it is very difficult to put his position in history. He was a pioneer and a digger, with talent and remarkable intelligence which produces various ideas. However, Freud's theories (unlike Darwin or Pasteur) never managed to get an agreement from the scientific community and extremely difficult to say which parts of the idea that ultimately can be regarded as a truth. 

Apart from the ongoing opposition to his ideas, it seems little doubt that Freud is a prominent figure in the history of human thought. Its opinions in the field of psychology has completely revolutionized our conception of the human mind, and a lot of ideas as well as the terms have been used by the public-for example: ego, super-ego, Oedipus complex and the tendency would desire to die. 

It is true that psychoanalysis is a way of healing that is extremely expensive and very serious, and anyway it did not work anything. However, it is also true techniques achieve great successes. The psychologist concluded that future repressed sexual desires will be increasingly important role in human behavior than is the adherents of the schools of Freud. However, this passion has certainly had a large stock of most psychologists assumption before Freud. Similarly, the majority of psychologists now believe that the unconscious mental processes which play a role in determining human behavior, something that is underestimated people before Freud. 

Freud was not the first psychologist, and in the long run may not be considered to be those whose ideas mostly closer to the truth. However, he's clearly the most influential figures and the most important in the development of modern psychological theory and his views have a very big significance in the field provides him the right to fairly high in the order listed in the blog list.