1451-1506 Christoper Columbus

Columbus, in an effort to find a way from the East to Europe, accidentally meet American continent which makes it more influential in the history of the world, to her surprise yourself. Its discovery as well as a crown of exploration and colonization of the New World and at the same time is also an important milestone in the history. Columbus is like opening the door to the European continent for two new settlements, spread population and provide a source of mineral wealth and fill the earth which in turn changed the face of Europe. At the same, the findings also lead to the destruction of the culture of the Indians. In the long term, the discovery that gave birth to a new nation in the Western hemisphere continents, who very quickly distinguish themselves by the Indians as the indigenous population. As a result, Columbus brought great changes to the nations of the Old World. 

The outline of the story of Columbus is not a new problem. He was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1451. When departing an adult, he became captain of the ship and a deft navigator. Finally Colombus sure not impossible to find a more practical way to areas in eastern Asia by sailing westward across the Atlantic and he diligently pioneering determination. Of course this great intentions would not have happened without a sufficient charge. That's why Columbus persuaded Queen Isabella I provide a budget for the expedition experiments. 

The ship anchored Spanish port on 3 August 1492 first pulled over in the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. Weighed anchor in the Canary Islands on 6 September and sailed rate west direction. A cruise is not playing long, so it is not surprising that the crew members were horrified and wanted to back it. Columbus? Not! The journey must continue, once abstinence rolled sail. And on October 2, 1492 is like a piece of land looks green silk bow. 

Columbus returned to Spain in March next from the devastating exploration greeted people with respect. After that he did a series of cruise across the Atlantic in the hope of setting foot in China and Japan. But in vain! Columbus remained adamant in his mind that he had found the path of travel to East Asia long before others realized. 

Queen Isabella promised Columbus became governor on the island where he encountered. However, as an administrator he truly incompetent so removed from his post and sent back to Spain with his hands shackled. But, when he got in Spain he was released just never been given the post again. Rumor says Columbus died in poverty without any funds whatsoever. When his death in 1506 there was also the --other news-- little wealth. 

Obviously, the first voyage of Columbus is a revolutionary change in the history of Europe, and even had a greater influence for the European Continent. All school children memorize the year 1492 was an important year. Even so there are many possible objections in order to put the name of Columbus's book list. 

One objection is that instead of Columbus the first European to discover the New World. Leif Ericson, the Viking sailors, many centuries before Columbus had set foot on the American continent and the so-so believed some other Europeans also have crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the years between Columbus and Leif Ericson. 

From the point of history, Leif Ericson is not a significant figure. Matters as discovery has not been widespread, so does not leave anything changes both in America and Europe. In contrast, the discovery of America by Columbus news spread like lightning across Europe. Only a few years of Columbus upon his return, and as a direct result daripenemuannya, many additional expeditions to arrive in the New World and the conquest and colonization even start. 

As with the other figures in this book, Columbus susceptible to various disorders comments as if what he did other people do if Columbus had never lived in the world. European 15th century AD are in a state of worry and berkemelut: growing world trade, the exploration of new areas is inevitable. The Portuguese were in fact did very actively looking for a new way flows to the East, at the decisive moments before Columbus. 

Is likely to Amerikacepat or later discovered by the Europeans; even once even if it might be a delay, it's time not so long ago. But the next development will be very much different if the United States found --katakanlah 1510-- year by the French or the British expedition and instead in 1492 by Columbus. On the pretext whatever is in fact Colombuslah person who discovered America. 

The third objection is the possibility, even before Columbus' trip many Europeans of the 15th century which has been advised that in fact the earth is round in shape. This theory has been expressed by the Greek philosophers centuries before, and the justification of the hypothesis unwavering Aristotle was enough to convince the European intellectuals in the 1400s. Meanwhile, Columbus itself is not well-known people who showed that the earth is round. (At least, he did not manage to do it). He is famous in the discovery of the New World, which both Europeans of the 15th century or Aristotle did not know anything about the existence of the American continent. 

Morals Columbus is not fully admired. He is famous miser. The nature is what causes him to face difficulties obtaining funding allowance from the Queen Isabella appeared as Columbus' greed too when bargaining. Also --walaupun inappropriate accused him era according to the size of ethics now-- he treated the Indians with cruelty so. Therefore, this book is not a list consisting of the most sage in history, but the most influential people, and within the framework of this size almost Colombus top ranks.