Romeo and Juliet
British playwright and poet William Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford-on-Avon, England. It seems he got a decent basic education but do not get into college. Shakespeare married at the age of eighteen (his wife age twenty-six), three birth before reaching age twenty-one. 

A few years later, he went to London, became a stage and a children's playwright. When he reached thirty Shakespeare already showing success. And when age thirty-four, he was already so rich people and is considered the leading English playwright. Ten years later, he has produced major works such as Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth and King Lear. 

In a period of twenty years who have special meanings that Shakespeare lived in London, his wife still live in Stratford. Shakespeare died in 1616 at about 52nd birthday. She has no living descendants. 

There are 38 famous drama of Shakespeare's creation, including several small dramas that probably worked with other people. In addition, he wrote some 154 sonatas and 3 or 4 long poems. 

Judging from the genius of Shakespeare, and the result was his fame that naturally, what a strange impression may arise because his name was not placed on the order over above in this blog list. I put Shakespeare is so low not because I do not appreciate the power of the results of his art, but only because I believe that in general literary figures of the artist or not has a great influence in history. 

Activities of religious leaders, scientists, politicians, investigators, philosophers, the more frequently creator influence on various fields of human life. For example, advances in science have a major influence on the political and economic livelihood, and also affect the religious beliefs, the nature of philosophical and artistic developments. 

However, a well-known painter, although he had a major influence on other painters, not have any influence on the development of music and literature, it is said also to science, or field of inquiry. The same thing applies to the field of poetry, drama and music. As a result, in general arguably, the influence of the artist just touched the arts, even limited to the particular art. Therefore, there is no literary figures, music or other art that is placed on the order No. 30, even just a few featured in this blog. 

Such being the case, why are there are also artists that includes a list? The answer is, the love of art is a direct part (though not always the main part) in an individual's life. In other words, someone can provide most of his time listening to music, mostly reading books, mostly looking at the painting and so on. Even if we spend time listening to music had no influence on our other activities (this is an exaggeration of course) after all the time it remains an important thing in our lives.

Of course an artist personally could have an influence on our lives more than we spend time to listen to music, read a book or enjoy their work. This is because his work has influenced so much good work of other artists whose results we like. 

In some ways, more or less artistic work has philosophical significance that could affect our attitude in other problem areas. It certainly happens more often in matters relating to literature than with music or painting. For example, in Romeo and Juliet (Act III, scene 1) Shakespeare wrote the prince's speech "Mercy but murders, pardoning Reviews those that kill," clearly presents an idea (off people accept it or not) who have had a philosophical meaning and more than political influence, say, looking at the painting "Mona Lisa." 

Shakespeare seems no doubt surpass all literary figures. Relatively, very few people now read Chaucer, Virgil or Homer, unless their work was finished reading the provisions of the school. However, staging a Shakespeare surely be welcome. Shakespeare advantages in terms of summary verses really unforgettable and sentences are often cited, even by people who have never for once seen or read any of his plays. More than that, the real true how fame is not just passing traffic. His work presents a happiness to its readers and viewers for nearly four centuries. Because the works were already established age tested, is worth consider that Shakespeare's fame will continue for centuries to come. 

In terms of determining the significance of Shakespeare one must take into account suppose he never lived in the world, his plays would never have written one at all. Of course, to some extent, a similar statement can be given to each artist or literary figure. However, it does not seem so factor has special significance in the assessment of the influence of the weight is on the small size of the artists. 

Although Shakespeare wrote in English, he has actually known figure of whole world. If instead of a transcendental universal language, English is most approaching the size of other languages ​​than ever. After all, Shakespeare's works have been widely translated and read and performed his work in various countries. 

There are of course some famous authors whose work is criticized by art critics. Not true in Shakespeare's work without backup appreciated by literary experts. Playwright generations studied and tried to imitate his work as well or outmaneuvered. The combination of the enormous influence of the authors and are not decision fame among society that puts Shakespeare in the sequence is quite high on the list this blog.