1732-1799 George Washington

George Washington
Born in 1732 in Wakefield, Virginia, farmer children were, George Washington inherited a vast estate parcel at the age of twenty-seven years. From the years 1753-1758 Washington serving in the army, took an active part in the Indian wars of the French army opponents, and gained a lot of experience and praise. He returned to Virginia late in 1758, and took retirement. Shortly thereafter he married Martha Dandridge Custis with a wealthy widow with two children. (He himself never had children). 

Washington within the next fifteen years managing a neat plantation management. In 1774, when he was elected vice Virginia attended the First Continental Congress, he was the richest man in the American colonies. Washington is not the first to call for independence; but in the month of June 1775 in the second Continental Congress (which he also became vice-Virginia), he was elected commander of the entire Continental army. Military experience, his fortune and his reputation, his pieces (tall burly 1.9 m), the Administrator talent and - above all else - the establishment and nature of the firm, so that it can sustain that position. Throughout the battle done without reward money, and give examples of selfless devotion. 

The success of Washington's most prominent around the completion in 1775 when he led the Continental army and in the month of March 1797 when the presidency was the 2nd ending. He breathed his last at his home in Mount Vernon, Virginia, in December 1799. 

The position of the key that determines in order to establish the United States departed from the three kinds of roles he played. 

First, he was a successful military leader in the war of American independence. It is true, Washington is not a military genius, is not more prominent than Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar. However, keep in mind, while many Americans suffer heavy defeat commander, Washington (despite having also some minor losses) is still able to continue the battle and carry the banner of victory. 

Second, Washington became chairman of the constitutional convention. Although the ideas Washington does not play a determining role in the drafting of the American Constitution, but his encouragement, his good name, once when determining approval. At that time there was a challenge to the new constitution, and that without the influence of Washington feels it difficult to accept the constitution. 

Third, Washington was the first president of the Republic of the United States. United States actually decent feel lucky to have the first president to have a great weight and strong character. Just take a look and compare with so many examples of countries in Latin America and Africa which although established through basic democratic constitution but very fast degenerating into a military dictatorship. While Washington has firmly maintain the republic of divisions without accompaniment ambition kept in power. He was not willing to be a king or a dictator. He was the one who instilled the rules need to transfer power from one hand to the other through peaceful means. This way still practiced in the United States today. 

George Washington was not pure and sharp thinker as well as leaders of other Americans of his time such as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin. However, he is superior to all of them. You see, Washington - both times of war and times of peace - always give a donation in the form of strength of character in the leadership of the government, that without him there would be no political measures were successful. Madison shares a role in the formation of the Republic of the United States is important, but in this connection what Washington was nearly as important and decide. 

Inclusion of George Washington in this blog is largely dependent on the establishment of a historical assessment of the Republic of the United States. Determination is not in favor of the significance of the founding of the United States certainly hard done by an American who lived today. Although the United States mid-20th century holds the position of military superiority and political influence even greater than what was once owned by the Roman Empire at the peak of its power, but political power does not last long as a Roman. On the contrary, it is clear that some of the technological advances achieved the United States are considered to have great significance by other cultures and other times. The discovery of aircraft - for example - and the human landing on the moon has been to realize the dream of times past and it seems inconceivable that the invention of nuclear weapons can be proven. 

Because George Washington an American political figure in general can be attributed to Augustus Caesar of Rome, it seems worth putting Washington position in the list is almost adjacent to Augustus. If Washington is placed further down, this is solely due to shorter tenure than the reign of Augustus, and as many figures (such as Thomas Jefferson and James Madision) also play an important role in the formation of the Republic of the United States. However, the position of the order of George Washington is higher than figures such as Alexander the Great and Napoleon because of the work of Washington and the successes he has done so has a range of influence even further and sustainable.