1791-1867 Michael Faraday

This century the century of electricity. Indeed, some say space age, some say the atomic century, but all of this - however the importance of the - relatively little impact on daily life. As with electricity. It seems unimaginable to live without electricity could go either way. Inexhaustible from morning to morning we took the benefit of electricity. The fact is, there is no type of technology is so widely spread rather than the use of electricity. 

Many prominent contributor in the case of electricity: Charles Augustine de Coulomb, Count Alessandro Volta, Hans Christian Oersted and Andre Marie Ampere. They-they are among the best masters in the field of electricity. However, the peak bin is the culmination of all the British scientist Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell. While the work of the two men are related to each other and complement each other-complete, but they are not to be in a team, each one created personally, because it can be both a place of honor in the order list this blog. 

Michael Faraday was born in 1791 in Newington, England. Coming from a family dispossessed and generally learn on their own. At the age of fourteen years he was an apprentice so builders volumes and selling books, and he used this opportunity to read a lot of books. When twenty-years old stepped on, he visited the lectures given by renowned British scientist Sir Humphry Davy. Faraday was fascinated. Davy wrote to both profit and short story accepted as his assistant. Within a few years, Faraday was able to raise a new discoveries on his own creation. Although he does not have sufficient background in mathematics, as a natural scientist he was unbeaten. 

Faraday's first important discovery in the field of electricity occurred in 1821 two years before Oersted discovered that a magnetic compass needle can be moved if the ordinary electric current flowed in the wire are not far apart. This raise a Faraday concluded, if the magnet be tightened, the wire actually moves. Working on the basis of these allegations, he managed to make a clear scheme where the wire will constantly rotating adjacent to the magnet along the electric current supplied to the wire. Indeed, in this case the Faraday had discovered the first electric motor, an electric current using the first scheme to make something moving objects. No matter how primitive, Faraday's discovery of an "ancestor" of all electric motors used today's world. 

This is a remarkable pacer. However, its practical usefulness is limited avail, as long as there is no method to drive electric current from the batteries other than simple chemical at that time. Faraday believed, there must be a way to move the use of magnetic power, and he's constantly looking for a way how to find the method. Now, the magnetic sedentary does not affect the electric current adjacent to the wire. But in 1831, Faraday discovered that when a magnet passed through a piece of wire, current will flow in the wire while the magnet moves. This situation is called "electro magnetic influence," and this is called "Faraday's Law" and is generally considered to be the most important discovery of Faraday and greatest. 

This is a monumental discovery, for two reasons. First, "Faraday's Law" has a fundamental importance in relation to our theoretical understanding of electro-magnetic. Secondly, electro magnetic can be used to drive a continuous flow of electricity as Faraday exhibited itself by passing the manufacture of the first electric dynamo. Although our power generators to supply power plants and factories of today's city is much more perfect than what is done Faraday, but are all based on similar principles to the electro magnetic influence. 

Faraday also contributed in the field of chemistry. He made a plan to turn the gas so fluid, she finds various types of chemicals, including benzene. More important works are his efforts in the field of electro-chemistry (chemical investigation due to the flow of electricity). Investigations Faraday with great precision to produce two laws "elektrolysis" that their mention his name coupled with that is the foundation of electro chemistry. He also popularized a lot of the terms used in the field such as: the anode, cathode, electrode, and ion. 

And is likewise a Faraday introduced to the world of physics important ideas about the magnetic lines and electric power line. With the emphasis that is not its own magnetic field, but in between, he helped prepare the way for various kinds of advancements in the field of modern physics, including statements about the Maxwell equations between the two expressions through a sign (=) as 2x + 5 = 10 Faraday also found that, if a combination of two light is passed through a magnetic field, combination will change. These findings have special significance, because this is the first clue that there is a relationship between light with magnet. 

Faraday was not only smart but also good-looking and had a style as speaker. However, he is simple, does not take the matter in terms of fame, money and adulation. He refuses been knighted and also refused to be president of the British Royal Society. Live long and happy marriage, just do not have any children. He died in 1867 near the city of London