1871-1948 Orrville Wright & 1867-1912 Wilbur Wright

Wilbur brothers
These two brothers are related to each other, they are listed together in this blog list and particulars of both will be presented in a single breath. Wilbur Wright was born in 1867 in the town of Millville, Indiana. Orville Wright - his brother - was born in 1871 in the city of Dayton, Ohio. Both of these boys sitting in college but none earn a diploma. 

Both have talent in the field of mechanics and both are interested in the problem of human to fly into the air. In 1892 they opened a shop, selling, fixing and holding the bike. This effort to bring funds to continue his intentions: aeronautics sector inquiry. These brothers engrossed pursue the works of others such as aeronautics enthusiasts: Otto Lilienthal, Octave Chanute and Samuel P. Langley. In 1899 they began to work towards his own flight. In December 1903, after four years of hard work for less, the results of his efforts succeeded brilliantly. 

One may wonder to the Wright brothers were able to create achievement failed to do others. There are several reasons that make them successful. First, two heads are certainly more effective than one head. The Wright brothers always work together and supporting with a very harmonious and perfect. Secondly, they deftly make decisions that they first learn how to fly before trying to raise a plane. At first glance it seemed contrary to the public according to size: how to learn to fly if there is no airplane? The answer is, the Wright brothers learned to fly using a glider. At first they observe the workings of a kite, then launcher. The following year they brought large size glider to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, enough to be boarded and can lift a human. The plane attempted. It seems that the results are not too encouraging. They make and try to complete glider in 1901 and 1902 followed by the fabrication of three aircraft launcher is a combination of various important discoveries them. Some of the basic patent, used in 1903, in association with the glider aircraft than their first. Regarding the third glider that they have more than a thousand times taking off successfully. Both Wright brothers had a glider pilot's best and most experienced in the world before they began to raise a powered aircraft. 

Experience airs the glider is at the core of their third success is very important. Many people who previously had tried to raise a plane has been a major concern of his creation how to fly. Wright brothers with proper realizes that the main problem is how to keep an eye on after the plane was in the air. Therefore, most of the time and attention they shed on the matter of how to achieve stability when the aircraft is flying. They managed to create three types of basic tools to monitor aircraft, and this is what makes them successful in the show. 

The Wright brothers also make an important contribution in terms of the design of the wing. They are aware, the data that have been published previously, could not hold onto. Therefore they created themselves alleys wind and tried against more than two thousand different forms of wing surface. The main core of this experiment is that the two brothers were able to make their own parts, describes the air pressure on the wing depends on the shape of the wing. This information is then used in the manufacture of aircraft wings each. 

Besides all of their research, the brothers Wright is not going to be successful if they do not perform successfully at the right time in history. Experiments using flight with the engine in the first half of the 19th century clearly tend toward failure. Steam engine obviously too heavy for aviation use. At the time the brothers Wright appeared, processing engine combustion was found. However, this machine is only for use in general, are too heavy for use in aircraft flight. When no one else is able to design a factory machine is quite light, the brothers Wright (with the help of an engine) to design their own. It shows their genius because even within a relatively short yet they are capable of designing a machine that is superior to almost all other factory-made. In addition, the Wright brothers themselves propeller design. The one that they use in 1903, 66% successfully. 

The original dual plane of the Wright brothers 

The first flight conducted December 17, 1903 at Kill Devil Hill near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Each of the two brothers were doing two flights on that day. The first flight, which carried Orville Wright lasted 12 seconds and reach a distance of 120 feet. Last flight, Wilbur Wright made​​, lasts 59 seconds and reaches a height of 852 feet. The plane which they named Flyer I (now known by the nickname Kitty Hawk) takes the cost of manufacture is less than 1000 dollars. The plane had a wing 40 feet long and weighs about 750 pounds, measuring 12 horsepower engine weighing just 170 pounds. The original aircraft is now stored neatly in the Air and Space Museum Washington DC 

Although there are five witnesses when the first flight, relatively few publications reported by newspapers on the next day (and it was generally less accurate). His hometown newspaper in Dayton Ohio at all think nothing of this business. five years after it was realized that the common world of human flight really could have been done. 

After their flight at Kitty Hawk, the Wright brothers returned to his hometown in Dayton. There they designed and made it the second plane, the Flyer II. With this second plane that they do 105 times the cost in 1904 without attracting public attention at all. Flyer III aircraft that have been enhanced and more practical contrived 1905 Although they are many times the air near the town of Dayton, many people still do not believe that the name is already born aircraft in the world. In 1906 - for example - the paper edition of The Herald Tribune article titled Paris decrease Flyer or Liars? (Flyers or liars?). 

In 1908 they were finally swept away all doubts and general mistrust. Wilbur Wright flew his plane to France, to make a demonstration of acrobatics in the air and the organizing companies to market their creations. Meanwhile, in the United States, Orville Wright presents a similar show. Unfortunately, on 17 September 1908 crashing his plane crashed. This is an accident that never experienced them both. A passenger was killed, Orville broken leg and two ribs but can be cured. The success of the flight evocative United States government signed a contract to make a plane for the United States Department of Defense, and in 1909 the government budget is no order for $ 30,000 for the purposes of the Air Force. 

Once there was a legal dispute concerning patents between the Wright brothers with his rival, but in 1914 the court rejected their demands. is one-sided, in 1912 and Wilbur Wright died of typhoid stricken at the age of forty-five years. Orville Wright, who in 1915 sold its shares to a company, lived until 1948 Neither of the two brothers were never married. 

Although many investigations in this field that preceded it, is no doubt that Wright brothers which can be regarded as a forerunner to the invention of airplanes. In determining the order in the list of this book, which is so key grip is the creation of an aircraft has meaning is less important than the invention of the printing press or steam power which both had constructed a revolutionary overhaul of human livelihood. However, undoubtedly the discovery of the aircraft is an important historical phenomenon, both in terms of usage for the purpose of peace and war. Within a decades thereafter, the aircraft had constructed our world is so small even the space was great being able to touch the finger. And more than that, the discovery of a man charged aircraft beginners and opening the way for flight in outer space. 

Centuries old dream of flying that has become human. They want to float in the sky with a fly rug as in the tales of the Thousand and One Nights, which are distant dreams within reach. Wright bersaudaralah genius who has realized that dream come true, really flew by plane and cross-legged on the rug instead of a fairy tale.