1879-1955 Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, no doubt, the greatest scientist of the 20th century. Peerless scholars of all time. Including as the theory of "relativity" of his. Actually this theory are two theories are linked to each other: special theory of "relativity" in 1905 and the formulation of a general theory of "relativity" were formulated in 1915, better known as Einstein's law of gravity. Both of these theories extremely complicated, because it is not the place here to explain as it is, however rudimentary description of the problem of special relativity there is little mention. Proverb says, "everything is relative." Einstein's theory is not just chewing expression was almost boring. He meant a definite opinion about the mathematical scientific principles are actually relative. Essentially, a subjective assessment of the time and space depending on the follower. Before Einstein, most people continue to believe that behind the subjective impression there is space and absolute time that can be objectively measured with the equipment. Einstein's theory of revolutionary overturn the scientific thinking by rejecting the existence of the absolute time. The following example may illustrate just how radical his theory, he said he revolutionized how we think about space and time. 

Imagine a spaceship -- mention name X - glide speed away from Earth at a speed of 100,000 kilometers per second. Speed ​​is measured by an observer, both located in the spacecraft X and on earth, and they are the same measurement. Meanwhile, a spacecraft named Y gliding rate in the same direction as the spacecraft X but with excessive speed. If an observer on Earth measures the speed of the spacecraft Y, they know that the plane was speeding away from Earth at a speed of 180,000 kilometers per second. Observer on the spacecraft Y will be a similar conclusion. 

Well, because the two spacecraft was traveling at the same direction, it would seem that the speed difference between the two aircraft was 80,000 kilometers per second and faster aircraft will not be can not move away from the slower plane at this speed levels. 

However, Einstein's theory into account, if the observations were made of the two spacecraft, they will agree that the distance between them increases at a rate of 100,000 kilometers per second measure, instead of 80,000 kilometers per second. 

This appears to be impossible. It looks like a mockery. Readers suspect smells as if there is deceit. Lest suspect there are hidden details. In fact, not at all! This result has nothing to do with the power that is used to push them. 

Nothing wrong observation. As a result, nothing is lacking, the tool is broken or twisted wires. Smooth, plain, not deceive. According to Einstein, the results of the above conclusion was solely as a result of the true nature of space and time that could have been taken into account through the velocity composition formula particulars. 

Seems to be a theoretical awesomeness, and it is many years away from the "theory of relativity" hypothesis is like away from the "ivory tower," as if that theory has no significance at all. Nobody --tentu just don't-- make mistakes until 1945 when the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki sweep. One of the conclusions "theory of relativity" Einstein is matter and energy are in a sense that the relationship between the two be balanced and formulated as E = mc2. E indicates the energy and m indicates the mass of objects, while c is the speed of light. Well, since c is equal to 180,000 kilometers per second (meaning a very large number of digits) by itself c2 (which means CXC) abysmally tepermanai just not large in number. Thus meaning, although the conversion of a fraction of the objects are able to spend an enormous amount of energy. 

People are not going abysmally could construct an atomic bomb or nuclear power stations solely adhered to the formula E = mc2. It must also be studied deeply, many people play an important role in the generation of atomic energy. But, however, Einstein's contributions are not doubting mind again. No one quarreled in this matter. Furthermore, none other than the one that Einstein wrote to President Roosevelt in 1939, representing an atomic weapon and raise a possibility at the same time emphasizing the importance for the United States as soon as possible raise a weapon before preceded Germany. The idea was then to realize the "Manhattan Project" that could eventually create the first atomic bomb. 

"The theory of special relativity" warm invite different opinions, but in one sense all agree, that theory is the idea that the most dubious human ever formulated. However, it turns out everyone fooled because "the theory of general relativity" Einstein was the starting point of other thoughts that gravity is not due to the influence of physical forces in the usual sense, but rather a result of the shape of the curved outer space itself, a view that very astonishing! 

How can one measure the shape of curved space? 

Einstein was not just develop theoretically, but poured into a mathematical formula that is clear and obvious that orangbisa make real predictions and the hypothesis can be tested. The next observation that is most brilliant and correctly, as is done when a solar eclipse is believed to have repeatedly total-- truth because it coincides completely with what Einstein said. 

General theory of relativity stands apart in some respects with all scientific laws. First, Einstein did not formulate his theory on the basis of the experiments, but on the fundamentals of mathematical symmetry and smoothness. In short rests on a rational basis as usual habit of the Greek philosophers and scholars do middle century. This means, Einstein scientists of different ways with modern methods empirically minded. However, there is also a difference: Greek thinkers in terms of beauty and symmetry craving was never able to manage and find a theory that is able to withstand the mechanical testing experiments are complex-complex, while Einstein was able to survive successfully in each trial. One of the results of the approach is that Einstein's general theory of relativity is considered a very beautiful, stylish, fast and intellectually satisfying all scientific theories. 

The theory of general relativity is also in some ways stand separately. Most other scientific laws are only approximately valid. There is taxable in many ways, but not all. While the general theory of relativity, all the knowledge, fully accepted without exception. There is no state that is not known, both in terms of theoretical or experimental practice shows that the predictions of the general theory of relativity applies only approx. It could be experiments in the future defame perfect results ever achieved by any theory, but as far as the general theory of relativity, clearly remains the most reliable approach for every scientist in his quest toward the final truth. 

Although Einstein was extremely famous for the "theory of relativity" it, the success of his work in other scientific fields also made ​​famous as the scientist in every aspect. In fact, Einstein get the Nobel Prize for physics, especially because of his written thoughts reveal photoelectric effects, an important phenomenon that previously was puzzled scholars. In the scientific writings of Einstein proved the existence of photons, or particles of light. 

Long-held assumption experimentally halting said that light was composed of electro magnetic waves, and waves as well as particles are opposite concepts. While Einstein's hypothesis shows a radical difference and very contrary to the classical theories. Not only does the law have proven its electrical photo significance in use, but the hypothesis of the photon had a major influence in the development of quantum theory (hypothesis that the radiation, electron energy spent is not continuous but in a certain amount) which is now an integral part of the theory. 

In terms of assessing the significance of Einstein, a comparison with the Isaac Newton is striking. Newton's theory is basically easy to understand, and his genius has appeared at the beginning of development. While the "theory of relativity" Einstein was extremely difficult to understand even through careful description and careful. More-more complicated if recapitulate the original! When some of Newton's ideas clash with the scientific ideas of his time, his theory was never looks faded or wavered in his stance. In contrast, the "theory of relativity" is full of contradictory things. It is part of the genius of Einstein that in the beginning, when the idea is still an untested hypothesis is put forward as the young teenager who was entirely unknown, he never let contradictions do exist and dumped his theory. Instead instead he very carefully and cautiously ponder continued until he was able to show that this contradiction is only on the actual birth alone while each issue is always available to solve the contradiction in a way that is subtle yet astute and assertive. 

Now, we assume that Einstein's theory is essentially more "correct" than Newton's theory. If so is the case why Einstein was placed Further down in the list order rate this book? 

The reason is available. First, theories Newtonlah which is the foundation stone and the first stone of modern science and technology. Without the work of Newton, we would not see today's modern technology. Instead of Einstein. 

There is another factor that causes why Einstein's position in the order that the reader saw. In many ways, the development of an idea involving donations minds of many people. It is clear for example in the matter of the history of socialism, or in the development of electric and magnetic theory. Although not 100% Einstein formulated the "theory of relativity" with his own brain, which is definitely the most part does its share. It is fair to say that judging from a comparison of the importance of other ideas, theories of relativity, especially coming from a creation, the genius and the topnotch, Einstein. 

Einstein was born in 1879, in the city of Ulm, Germany. He entered college in Switzerland and became a citizen of Switzerland in 1900 In 1905 he received the degree of Doctor of the University of Zurich but (strangely) can not achieve academic position at the time. In the same year he published a working paper about the "relatively specific," about the photoelectric effect, and Brownian motion theory. In just a few short years these working papers, particularly those involving relativity, has named him one of the most brilliant scientists and most original in the world. His theories are very controversial. There is no world except Darwin scientist who once created a controversial situation like Einstein. As a result of that, in 1913 he was appointed as a professor at the University of Berlin and at the time became the Director of the Institute of Physics in unison "Kaiser Wilhelm" as well as a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. These positions are not tied to freely devote full-time to do investigations, whenever he likes. 

The German government does not regret Einstein flush with a long line of special status because exactly two years later Einstein managed to formulate a "general theory of relativity," and in 1921 he received the Nobel Prize. Throughout the latter half of his life, Einstein became a byword the world, and it is almost certain that he was the famous scientist ever born into the world. 

Because Einstein was Jewish, his life in Germany became unsafe so Hitler rose to power. In 1933, she moved to Princeton, New Jersey, United States, working at the Institute for Advanced Study of High and in 1940 became a United States citizen. Einstein's first marriage resulted in divorce, only the latter seems to be the new marriage happy. Have two children, both boys. Einstein died in Princeton in 1955. 

Einstein was always interested in the affairs of humanity around the world and often expressed his political views. He is a steadfast fighter against tyrannical political system, a staunch supporter pacifist movement, and a steadfast proponent of Zionism. In terms of dress and social habits he seemed a very individualistic. Like humor, simple, and no talent violin string. The inscription on the headstone tomb, which reads: "rejoice because the spirits trimmings left behind for humanity!" actually more subject to Einstein.