1889-1945 Adolf Hitler

World War 2
I enter the order of Hitler to the list this blog with disgust. Its influence is entirely evil and I do not have a sense of respect for people whose importance lies in the causes of death of about thirty-five million people. However, there's no way to deny the fact that Hitler had a tremendous influence on people who are not playing much. 

Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau 1889, Austria. As a teenager he was a failed artist who amateur and sometimes a young age he became a fanatical German nationalist. At the time of World War I, he entered the German Army, was wounded and earned two medals for bravery. 

The defeat of Germany makes devastated and furious. In 1919 when turned thirty years old, he joined a small right-wing party in Munich, and the party soon change its name to the Nationalist German Workers Party (Nazi summarized). Within two years he rose to be a leader without a rival in the German nickname called "Fuehrer." 

Under the leadership of Hitler, the Nazi party with incredible speed into a force and in November 1923 kupnya experiment failed. Coup known as the "Beer Hall Putsch The Munich." Hitler was arrested, accused traitor, and found guilty. However, he was released from prison after languishing there for less than a year.

In 1928 the Nazi party was a small party. But, raise a massive depression of the people are dissatisfied with the political parties are large and well-established. In these circumstances the Nazi party became more powerful, and in January 1933, when the age of forty-four years, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. 

With this position, Hitler quickly and deftly establish dictatorship by using government officials to confront all opposition. Keep in mind, this process is not through the erosion of civil liberties and rights to defend themselves against criminal charges, but settled with firearms and often the Nazi party did not bother with the filing procedure in court at all. Many political opponents beaten, even killed on the spot. Even so, before the outbreak of World War 2, Hitler won the support of most of the German population because he managed to reduce the number of unemployed and make economic improvements. 

Hitler then designing the road to conquests ultimately bring the world into World War 2nd. He won his first regional wars practically without passing at all. Britain and France surrounded by various kinds of economic difficulties, because it is so wanted peace so that they do not give a damn when Hitler betrayed the Versailles Agreement by establishing the German Armed Forces. Similarly, they do not take care when Hitler occupied and strengthened the castle in the Rhineland (1936), and likewise when Hitler annexed Austria (March 1938). Even they accept and agree when Hitler annexed the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia border fortifications. International agreement known as the "Munich Pact" by the British and French were expected as a result of the purchase of "Peace of all time" is left trampled and they said nothing when Hitler seized Czechoslovakia a few months later in part because Czechoslovakia was helpless. At each stage, Hitler cleverly combining the arguments justifying it with the threat that he would be a war if the desire to be false, and at each stage of democracies feel daunted and fell backwards. 

However, Britain and France resolved defend Poland, Hitler's next target. First Hitler protect himself with the signatories of the pact "not to attack each other" in August 1939 with Stalin (essentially aggression treaty agreement because both agreed how to divide two Polish for the benefit of each). Nine days later, Germany invaded Poland and sixteen days after the Soviet Union did the same. Although Britain and France declared war on Germany, Poland soon be conquered. 

Hitler was a peak year intension In April 1940, Armed Forces attack the Danish and Norwegian. In May, he attacks the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg. In June, the French bend your knees. But in the same year Britain desperately to survive against German air raids-known by the nickname "Battle of Britain" and Hitler was never able to set foot on British earth. 

DanYugoslavia German forces conquered Greece in April 1941 and in June of the same year Hitler tore up "agreement not to attack each other" with the Soviet Union and the opening raid. German Army can occupy the vast Russian territory but was unable to deactivate it completely before winter. Despite fighting against the British and the Russians, Hitler's unmitigated declare war with the United States in December 1941 and a few days later the Japanese attacked the United States, ransacked the Navy base at Pearl Harbor. 

In mid-1942 the Germans had already mastered part of the area of ​​Europe that could never be done by anyone in history. In addition, he ruled North Africa. The turning point of the war occurred in the second half of 1942 when Germany was defeated in the battle of El-Alamein complex in Egypt and Stalingrad in Russia. After this setback, the good fortune that had an umbrella for German soldiers gradually left him permanently. However, despite the defeat of Germany seems inevitable, Hitler refused to surrender. Instead he's more afraid, even continuing the attack for more than two years after Stalingrad. The bitter end of the story happens in the spring of 1945 Hitler committed suicide in Berlin on April 30 and seven days after the German surrender. 

During the period of power, Hitler engaged in acts of mass murder were no match in the history of benchmarks. He was a rabid racist, special to the Jews did with rancorous. He publicly announced kill every Jew in the world. In his reign, the Nazis build a large internment camps, equipped with gas chambers. In each region, an area authority, innocent people, men and women and children were herded and thrown into cattle cars for the next unplugged his life in the gas chambers. In a period of just a few years about 6,000,000 Jews deported to the afterlife. 

Jews are not the only group who became victims of Hitler. In the reign of dictatorship, the Russian and Gypsy also cleared, as well as happened to the people who are considered including the inferior races or enemies of the state. Never imagined this killing done spontaneously, or in hot conditions and the heat of battle. But Hitler built the death camp with meticulous organization as if he designed a large business enterprise. Structured data, the amount specified, and the bodies are systematically stripped limbs precious like gold teeth and wedding rings. Also many of the bodies used for soap factory. So rigorous plan of murder by Hitler until the end-even at the end of the war will be finished, when Germany shortage of materials made ​​use of both civilian and military, cattle cars continued to roll towards the camps in order to murder non-military terror mission. 

In many ways, it was obvious fame Hitler will be finished. First, he is the man widely considered the world's most blasted throughout history. If people like Nero and Caligula is one of the steps is not very meaningful if compared to Hitler and Hitler still remains a symbol of atrocities during the 20 century, seems not melesetlah if people predicted that Hitler was not so bad reputation in history will be remembered terlawankan people for decades centuries. 

The scenery in the concentration camp at Buchenwald 

More than that, of course, Hitler will be remembered as the culprit of the outbreak of World War 2, the biggest war ever occurred on earth. Progress of nuclear weapons as an impossibility to occur, large-scale war in the future. Therefore, even two or three thousand years from now, World War 2 may still be considered major events in history. 

Furthermore, Hitler will remain popular because the whole story concerning him so creepy and interesting, how a foreigner (Hitler was born in Austria, not Germany), how a person who has no political experience at all, do not have money, do not have political connections, was able to - in a period of less than fourteen years - became a prominent leader of a world power, is truly amazing. His ability as an orator was incredible. Measured by its ability to mobilize the masses in important actions, it can be said that Hitler was the greatest orator in history. Finally, how dirty the lift to the summit of power, once held in check his hand will not be quickly forgotten. 

Perhaps no figure in history who has so much influence on his generation than Adolf Hitler. In addition to the tens of millions of people who died in the war that he was the culprit, or those who died in the concentration camp, still millions and millions of people stranded without shelter or whose lives were ruined by the war. 

Other estimates of the effect of Hitler must consider two factors. First, many of which actually occurred under his leadership would never have happened if no Hitler. (In this regard he is very different from figures such as Charles Darwin or Simon Bolivar). Of course it is true that the situation in Germany and Europe provide an opportunity for Hitler. Passion on defense and anti-Jewish, for instance, is indeed mesmerizing his audience. No visible signs, for example, that generally the Germans in the 1920s or 1930s as the government intends to have driven by Hitler, and a few signs that other German princes Hitler would do the same. What made ​​Hitler slightest never expected to happen by the observer. 

Secondly, the entire Nazi movement controlled by a leader up to an incredible level. Marx, Lenin, Stalin and other leaders have the same role in the growth of Communism. However, National Socialism had no important leader before the advent of Hitler, so did nothing afterwards. Hitler led the party to power and stay on top. When he died, the Nazi party and government that led to death with him. 

However, despite the influence of Hitler on his generation is so large, as a result of his actions in the future seems to be not much larger. Hitler arguably failed miserably completing objectives ideals everywhere, and the effects seen in the next generation instead of the opposite of what he wants. For example, Hitler intended to spread the influence of Germany and the German territory. However, the areas conquered, though extremely vast, is just a short and temporary. And now even West Germany and East Germany merged into one if it is still smaller than the Republic of Germany when Hitler become head of government. 

Is the impulse of lust Hitler wanted to slaughter Jews. But fifteen years after Hitler came to power, an independent Jewish state stands for the first time after 2000 years. Hitler hated both Communism and the Soviet Union. However, after the death and partly due to the commencement of the war, Russia even expand his territory in a wide area in Eastern Europe and even the influence of Communism in the world is growing. Hitler pressed instead intends to destroy democracy, not only in other countries but in Germany itself. However, West Germany is now a democratic country and its inhabitants seem to run more hated dictatorship than any generation before Hitler. 

Nazi soldiers in 1933 

What happens is a strange combination of a tremendous influence upon him in power with such a small influence on later generations? Consequences caused Hitler at the time of his life is so enormous that it is obvious Hitler deserved to be placed in order of the list is rather high in this blog. 

Even so, of course he should be placed under figures like Shih Huang Ti, Augustus Caesar and Genghis Khan that his actions affect the world with a range long after his death. An almost parallel position with Hitler is Napoleon and Alexander the Great. In such a short time, Hitler was able to tear apart the world is much more severe than both. Hitler placed under the order they are because they have a longer effect.