From a wealthy family, Guglielmo Marconi was born in 1874 in Bologna, Italy. This radio inventor private education from a teacher. In 1894 when the age of twenty, Marconi read a book about the experiments conducted by Heinrich Hertz few years earlier. These experiments clearly demonstrate the existence of electromagnetic waves are invisible to the eye, moving through the air at the speed of sound.

Marconi then intrigued by the idea that these waves can be used to send signs across long distances without passing the wire that provides many possibilities for the development of communication that can not be reached telegram. For example, in this way news can be sent to ships at sea.

In 1895, only a year of hard work, Marconi succeeded in producing the necessary equipment. In 1896 he demonstrated his discovery tool in the UK and obtained his first patent for this invention. Marconi rushed founded the company and "Marconi" was first delivered in 1898. The next year he was already able to send news without passing the wire crossing the English Channel.

Although the most important patent obtained in 1900, Marconi continue the manufacture and patenting many improvements in on the basis of his own discovery. In 1901 he managed to send a radio message across the Atlantic Ocean, from England to Newfoundland.

The significance of his new invention dramatically illustrated in 1909 when the SS Republic damaged by collision and sank to the seabed. Radio news very helpful, all passengers can be saved except six people. In the same year Marconi won the Nobel Prize for his discovery. And the following year he managed to send a radio message from Ireland to Argentina, a distance of more than 6000 miles.

All these news are sent through signs Marconi code system. As is known, the sound can be transmitted by radio, but this can only be done around 1915. Radio broadcasting in new commercial scale started early in the 20s, but the popularity and importance is growing very rapidly.

An invention patent rights have high prices by itself give rise to a conflict in court. However, various demands through the courts wither vanished after 1914 when the court recognizes the rights of Marconi. In the following year, Marconi conduct investigations also important in the field of short-wave and microwave communications. He breathed his last in Rome in 1937.

Besides Marconi became famous as the inventor, it is also clear undoubted influence in terms of the importance of radio and matters relating to it. Marconi did not find a television. However, the invention of radio is an important pacesetter for television, because it is seemly Marconi has also share in the development of television.

Clearly, wireless communication has very important meaning in the modern world. This is very useful for the delivery of news, for entertainment, for military purposes, for scientific investigation, for police duties, and other purposes. Although for some things telegram (which already found the more than half a century before) arguably has usability as well, the use of radio massively to not really stay. He can be reached cars, ships at sea, aircraft were airborne, and even spaceships. Clearly a more important invention than teleponn because the news can also be sent via phone sent via radio, besides radio messages can be sent to places that can not be achieved phone.

Marconi had a higher order in the list of this blog than Graham Bell purely wireless communication since the invention is more important than the telephone. I placed Edison slightly higher in the order of this list than Marconi because a large number of discoveries that have been done, even though none of it that surpass the importance of radio. Because radio and television is only a small part of the practical use of the theoretical work of Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell, Marconi is fair if the order should be placed in slightly lower than both. At the same time it is also clear that a small number of political figures who had a major influence on the world as it belongs to Marconi, because it's worth anyway he was placed on a fairly high position in this list.